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Cellular Shading

More than just pretty -
Cellular Shading Saves Money

Cellular Shading keeps your energy bills in mind.

The beauty of cellular shades such as DuetteŽ Honeycomb Shades from Hunter-Douglas goes beyond what meets the eye. Graber, Kirsch and other manufacturers create a variety of patented constructions from single to double, even triple thickness. Thanks to the special honeycomb design, each shade acts as an insulator, keeping out the cold in winter and heat in summer, helping to reduce your energy costs.

Lots of light, not so much, just a glimpse, or none at all. These light control variations are easy to achieve with cellular shading. The translucent nature of certain styles provides you the light you want with the privacy you need. New styling option: opaque "blackout" shades that blocks over 90% of exterior light for maximum privacy.

Beautiful, practical, and with no visible cords, holes or seams - just some of the reasons designers recommend cellular shading for room interiors. Your choice of colors IS wide ranging from neutral cream and white, to muted blue and warm gold, all with a neutral white back for a uniform exterior look. Select from a variety of beautiful fabric and pleat options available in 3/8", 3/4" and blackout double honeycomb construction that traps air and acts as a supreme insulator.

Cellular shading is an ideal solution for skylights, sliding glass doors and unusual window shapes like arches and circles. Vertical applications cover large expanses of windows like sliders. Continuous cord loop systems are available to make raising and lowering shades easier than ever. You can even select from a top-down / bottom-up option allowing shades to both lower from the top and raise from the bottom. With such a variety of options, all your windows can be covered with style that offers you the energy efficiency you need today. FOR CONVENIENCE OF OPERATING YOUR CELLULAR SHADES AT THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON, TRY THE BATTERY POWERED OR WIRED OPTIONS.

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