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Vertical Shading

Illuminating with Luminettes

A truly unique system of window light control!

Luminette Privacy SheersR combine soft fabric sheers over vertical vanes designed to soften and diffuse the light, while offering you the capability of complete privacy. With a simple movement of the combination wand and cord control, you can enjoy any level of illumination you desire. These remarkable vertical blinds offer varying degrees of privacy, allowing you to control your view of the outside world. Imagine the filtered view that sheers offer, and the varying degree of light control possible with verticals--that's the idea behind Luminette Privacy SheersR and similar brands.

Change the mood of your room by choosing Luminette Privacy SheersR from Hunter-Douglas. Its sheer, drapery-like covering has a vertical design, especially suited for larger, rectangular windows. When fully open, you'll enjoy a subdued view of the outdoors.

When closed, its sheer fabric vanes give you complete privacy with a softer look than the typical vertical. Luminette makes a statement in casual and formal rooms alike. It's even available with a room-darkening option, Evening StarT. While Luminettes are beautiful on their own, you can order extra fabric for wonderfully coordinated rooms.

Make your space reflect your every whim at an instant. Right for the office as well as the bedroom.

Oh yes! Luminettes are perfect for the office as well as the bedroom.

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